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Updated: Apr 2

Goldfish in a bowl

It’s a funny thing to be jealous of a goldfish.

I can’t help it though,

It swims round and round in a glass bowl;

Forgetting everything he saw in three seconds.

The next time he passes by seems like a new adventure.

I wish with all my heart that I could see everything through new eyes.

I long for adventure;

I long to travel the world,

And see all the different sights and beauty:

Night skies in Bergen, Norway; a giant drain in a lake in Derbyshire, castles in England, and so many more.

Wanderlust stays with me all the time,

Stemmed from everything I see.

Pictures and videos of orange and red sunrises and sunsets.

Exploring tall gray mountains in Switzerland and Iceland’s Blue Lagoon,

Black forests thick with trees in Germany, and much more constantly fill my head and fuel my desire.

It would be nice to be a goldfish.

Being stuck doesn’t sound so bad;

Swimming round and round in the same place

Because when you forget in three seconds,

Every third moment is a new adventure.

For the suicide and crisis lifeline, dial 988.

— Live well and laugh often, Ravens. Signing off for now, Hyperactive Raven <3


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