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Anxiety is a Snake

Updated: Apr 2

A green snake showing how anxiety is like a snake

Anxiety clutches my heart in its grip;

The person standing in front of me is waiting, expectantly.

How do I continue this conversation?

My stomach clenches and I struggle to breathe,

Everyone is going to stare at me, laugh at me.

I can’t just walk into class late.

My vision wavers, my leg bounces,

I clench my fingernails into my palms, hoping to ground me.

I’m presenting next. I can’t do it.

Wisps of air fill me as my lungs constrict like a boa.

My mouth feels like the Sahara desert.

It’s like there’s a man in my head banging away with a hammer.

Both big and small things get to me:

Stores, presenting, being late, people,

Anything and everything terrifies me.

A snake wrapped around me,

Constantly relaxing and constricting.

Living with it is agony,

But I can’t run from it or escape it.

Anxiety is a snake

and it's got me in its grip.

For the suicide and crisis lifeline, dial 988.

— Live well and laugh often, Ravens. Signing off for now, Hyperactive Raven <3

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